Annyeong haseo^^ hi my name is Annisa Octaria Aminy, you can call me Ica for short. in this year (2011) I’m 16 years old, MWO? can’t believe that I have that age LOL I’m from INDON q(^O^)p

ehem, I love CNBLUE, SHINee so damn much because I’m BOICE, SHAWOL, and K-POPER too, they are shining and they make me high….. yong oppa, hyunnie oppa, hyukkie oppa, shinny oppa, and 2min are mine xp

well, you can meet me at other site of me, I’m very happy if you mind to be friend with me. at twitter, my blogspot, my tumbleblog, or search my facebook >> Annisa Octaria Aminy πŸ™‚

about this blog, ehem I think it’s bout my mind, about my idols ofc.


wellcome to my blog, thanks for your visit πŸ™‚


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